The design process in which I use for creating visual works is based on the following 3 steps: Consider, Research and Produce. I generate my concepts by first considering specific aspects and details of a project. Then, I form and plan these concepts by researching them accordingly and proficiently. Finally, I produce work that will please my client and meet their needs. As a designer, I take into account all aspects of a project before I accept, during the project’s growth, and after the project is completed.

Step 1: Consider

> Project goals and deadline
> Client requirements
> Project limitations
> The general audience and target market

Step 2: Research

> Planning concept possibilities
> Influences: nature, artifacts, culture, history, trends
> Materials, design tools and techniques
> Obstacles and solutions

Step 3: Produce

> Work that represents the project’s theme
> Visual representation derived from researched ideas and aspects
> Pieces that follows the principles of design
> Quality that fulfills the client’s needs